About Us

Metal fittings for leather goods, paper-box, packing, industrial application, wood-box, clasp and hinge for school-bags, fixings for frame

F.B.F. SRL since 1959 was born for production of metal fittings for leather goods and paper-box. In 2004 to extend the production into new market, has started with the production of items for package as clasps and hinges. In 2015 has acquired the company STAMMET SNC in Civate (Lecco) to insert a new production of fittings for frame and promotional items, elegant cases, glasses box. F.B.F. SRL after almost 60 years of experience, of production with technology up-date, has the capacity to satisfy the changeable request of the market, with a particular attention to the quality. The staff technical realizes articles on request of customers, producing the tools necessary for production. Instead offer for all the production a big selection of galvanic work, like brassed, nickeled, gold, antique brass, and paitings in any colours. The customers can rely in a large and well stocked warehouse.